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Virginia Men's Soccer Heads to Tulsa

The Hoos are 1-0 after an OT win over ODU. At #3 in the country, they shouldn't need OT to win at home. But, they have a lot of youth in the lineup right now, and are still developing team cohesion. They'll need it this weekend in Tulsa as they face both the Golden Hurricanes and the #18 UAB Blazers.

Senior Ryan Zinkhan (#21) scored the game winner last week.
Senior Ryan Zinkhan (#21) scored the game winner last week.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After a loss and a draw in two exhibition matches, the Hoos managed a 1-0 OT win at home over #25 ODU. For the preseason #3 team in the nation, this qualifies as a slow start.

The Hoos were bailed out early in OT by senior striker Ryan Zinkhan just 2 minutes into OT. For those who don't know, unlike the World Cup games you may have watched this summer, college soccer utilizes a "golden goal" overtime system instead of the additional time that is used by professional and international soccer leagues. This means that as soon as a goal is scored in OT, the game ends.

Perhaps it isn't surprising that the Hoos have started off slowly. After all, 5 freshman started against ODU, including goalkeeper Jeff Caldwell, who was one of the top overall recruits in the nation last year. It is also no surprise that Zinkhan would score the big goal, as the senior was one of the top scorer's for last year's overachieving team.

This weekend, the Hoos head to Tulsa, for the Hurricane Classic. At 8:30 Eastern Friday night, the Hoos will face the Golden Hurricanes. They will then face the #18 UAB Blazers at 1:00 Eastern Sunday. Neither game will be a walkover, with UAB being an especially difficult matchup.

The ACC season begins next week, with a home matchup against the Hokies.