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Week 2 Richmond Spiders .gif Preview

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Cavaliers look to rebound after last week's second quarter debacle against UCLA this weekend against Richmond. Let's see how it will play out!

"I wonder if I can insert myself to play QB and we can have THREE QBs!"
"I wonder if I can insert myself to play QB and we can have THREE QBs!"
Joe Robbins

Like many of their ACC brethren, the Cavaliers essentially get a bye week that automatically converts into a W this weekend when they take on D1-AA Richmond. Yes, many FBS schools have lost to D1-AA teams in the past and this year. Yes, the Cavaliers have lost to one in the past. And yes, there are going to be roughly ten players playing QB between the two teams who have suited up for UVa at QB at one time or another.

First, let's talk about last weekend. It started off really bad (45 yard throw) and then got worse (pick 6, pick 6, fumble for 6). But then, London decided Greyson Lambert had had enough fun and inserted Matt Johns.....



Things got a lot better thanks to two TD passes and then got worse thanks to a botched play call, but the game got competitive! Luckily, we didn't get enough of a QB controversy last year between Lambert and Watford or the year before between Sims and Rocco, and we got another one this season!



Anyways, the Hoos take on the Spiders this weekend. Richmond is ranked #15 in D1-AA and will feature a number of former UVa players. WHO'S EXCITED!!!!!!!



Hoos take the field, receive the kick, and Khalek Shepherd takes it out of the endzone to the 12 yard line....
Matt Johns gets the nod to go in on the first drive and Fairchild goes all out on the playbook handing the ball off up the middle 3 straight plays to go three and out


Instead of maybe letting Johns get into a rhythm (that'd be silly), London lets Lambert go in on the next drive!


At that point in time, Rocco is going to lead Richmond on a scoring drive to take a 7-0 lead, walk over to the UVa sideline and do this....(and we will all nod approvingly)


Fortunately for the UVa fanbase, the other team is still Richmond, UVa is still UVa, and they have more 5 stars then Richmond has ever recruited. It will all be ok. Lambert will play. Johns will play. Watford will even likely play. In the end, UVa will come out on top by 21+ and Richmond will take their paycheck and just go home.



Oh, and if you haven't heard, Streaking the Lawn is hosting a tailgate that will have some Fireball (and bourbon). In case you don't know, Fearless Leader has a weak spot for the Fireball, so if you see him stumbling around, just kindof look at him and maybe point him to the closest tailgate so he can have more boozy booze.