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New ACC basketball schedule matrix shows home and away records

Is there any such thing as home court advantage in the vaunted ACC?

Virginia picked up a clutch ACC road win over the weekend. Just how hard is that task in the ACC?
Virginia picked up a clutch ACC road win over the weekend. Just how hard is that task in the ACC?
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Whether it's the media or the fans, everyone says the same thing every year: it's hard to win college basketball games on the road. It took Virginia two overtime periods to finally dispatch Miami in the Sunshine State. All the college basketball world saw Duke travel to Raleigh and lose by double digits to NC State.

Is it coincidence, or is there really something to the theory that road games are harder to come back?

Presenting, the ACC Basketball Schedule Matrix. We took the idea straight from Michigan site MGoBlog and, with the help from a loyal reader, constructed this hopefully helpful matrix.

ACC Matrix 1-13-14

It's still early in the season for this to show much, but here are a few things we think this chart will be helpful for:

  1. Unbalanced Schedule? We have no idea what this means, but it's a phrase used a lot last year in association with Virginia. In any event, this chart will show us who's only playing whom once. The gray-shaded boxes will never be filled in. The white ones with a date in them will, of course, be filled in with a score when the game is played.
  2. Home Court Advantage? To see who has a "home court advantage" and who doesn't, you start on the left side and move your way right. All the orange boxes mean that a home team won. Looking across the board, then, the teams who have protected their house so far are Virginia, Duke, Florida State, Louisville, NC State (3-0!), and Syracuse. Everyone one else has at least one loss at home, with Wake Forest being the special child with two.
  3. Road Warriors? If any teams are just crushing it on the road right now, you'll know by looking down the team's column and seeing a bunch of blue, as blue boxes mean that an away team won. As of today, Virginia, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and North Carolina are perfect on the road, while Miami hasn't traveled on the road at all yet so far.
What should we expect to see? if "home court advantage" is a thing, and if "ACC road wins are tough to come by," then we should be seeing a ton of orange populate the chart as the season progresses. Only a couple weeks in, there have been 13 home wins to 10 away wins. It should be fun seeing how this shapes up.