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UVa's New Uniforms?

We all saw that new uniforms were announced earlier in the week, but have the online stores released them already?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the week we got a super small sneak peek of the upcoming new uniforms the Hoos are going to bust out thanks to UVa's equipment guru, Matthew Althoff, on twitter.

Since it was announced earlier the Summer that UVa was getting a new contract with Nike, it was expected that the respective UVa teams would be getting new uniforms. We've seen the new helmets the football team has rolled out this season, so it should come as no surprise that the basketball team is rolling out new uniforms for the hardwood.

As noted, we got that peak on Monday, but through our crack research team (Alex Cheung actually still being on college time and searching the internet through all hours of the night), we have discovered the ACC Fanshop might have spoiled a bit of the surprise already.

Here's what the Fanshop is offering up for UVa replica basketball jerseys: 


Doesn't look all that different, but when you compare it to what Brogdon wore last year, you can notice a few differences:

brogdon - USA Today

(Credit:  Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports)

It doesn't look like Nike has reinvented the wheel for UVa basketball (if what we're seeing is the real deal), but there are a few subtle differences. Other differences could be the embedded logo on the back of the authentic jerseys, as well as the five pillars that are embroidered onto the inner part of the jersey. There's also a real possibility that the ACC Fanshop is not selling exact replicas.

No word if there might be any orange jerseys.