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THE COLUMN: Virginia vs. Georgia Tech Complete Preview

Will we be in for a "treat" this Halloween and watch the Cavaliers beat the Yellow Jackets?

We're officially halfway through the season, folks.  Last week, the 'Hoos couldn't get things going in the second half against UNC and lost 26-13.  Virginia currently is 2-5 which, quite frankly, is not all that surprising.  What is surprising is that Georgia Tech is 3-5.  Going into week three, the Yellow Jackets were 2-0 and 14th in the country.  Since then, they have been on a huge slide, winning only one out of six games.  That one win came last week, against #9 Florida State in an absolute thriller.

After such an emotional high, Georgia Tech could be vulnerable to a letdown this Halloween in Charlottesville.  The seat is only getting more hot for Mike London and, at this point, each loss could be just another nail in the coffin for him.  If the Cavaliers are to win, they surely need to be more careful with the ball (I'm looking at you, Matt Johns) and prevent Georgia Tech's run game from getting going.

Can the 'Hoos win?  How close are we to basketball season (Hint: REALLY CLOSE)?

Let's break it down in THE COLUMN.