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It's Friday. But it's not just any Friday. Today is Friday, October 9, 2015. Which means only one thing.

We are—OFFICIALLY—on the verge of Virginia basketball.

From today, it is 35 days until your Virginia Cavaliers tip off against Morgan State. And from today until November 13th, we're bringing you basketball previews with the flavor, insight, and questionable grammar that only Streaking The Lawn can.

But here's what we're doing differently this year. Instead of saving all the fun for one insane day, or one crazy week right before the season starts, we're going to feed your basketball fix in delectable daily doses. For each of the next 35 days, we're going to bring you at least one story that's connected—in some way—to the number of days left before tip-off.

Maybe when there's 15 days left, you'll get your Malcolm Brogdon profile. Perhaps with 27 days to go, we'll explain the Pack Line defense, since it held Harvard to 27 points last year. You'll see how we figured out how to profile Darius Thompson (#51) when there are only 35 days in this experience.

So however you read STL, check back in every day. Along with our regular coverage of that fall sport with the brown weird-shaped ball, whatever you call it, I can't remember, we'll have stories that will put a smile on your face as you dream of cutting down the nets again. This is ...