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Week 12 in the ACC: A Lot of Chalk

How'd the rest of the ACC fare in Week 12? While the Hoos were busy scoring a billion points, the rest of the teams in the conference that should have won, won.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

What a fun Saturday that was! While the Hoos can't make a bowl game at this point, winning the final two home games would certainly make the season seem less like a disaster. Considering recent years, aside from the Hokies, the Blue Devils are the team the Hoos want to beat the most - so it sure was nice to see them pull that off. Speaking of the Hokies, it's always a treat to pair a Wahoo W with a VPI L. Let's take a look at how the rest of the ACC shook out yesterday:

Wake 13 - Clemson 33

Clemson jumped out to a 20 point lead in the first quarter at home yesterday. Deshaun Watson scored four overall touchdowns as the ACC favorites kept their pace towards making the national championship playoff. The Tigers have their rivalry game with South Carolina next week and the ACC Championship against UNC to follow. Wake Forest fell to 3-8 on the year and 1-6 in conference, assuring us of at least one team that'll be below UVa in the power rankings.

BC 16 - Notre Dame 19

Speaking of teams that are worse than UVa, Boston College played Notre Dame in a road their a baseball stadium...and almost won! The Eagles' defense is legit - and they forced five turnovers on the day, but unfortunately their offense is un-legit and they now sit at a 3-8 overall record. The Fighting Irish held on for the win, which might keep them in contention for one of the four playoff spots.

Chattanooga 13 - FSU 52

Did this really happen? Whose fault is this? Why is FSU playing a schedule like an SEC team. Borrrrring.

UNC 30 - VT 27

The Hokies weren't able to finish Frank Beamer's Lane Stadium career with a victory, but they did come back from 14 points down to force overtime! I'm sure this was all College Gameday's fault for not listening to #hokietwitternation -or maybe Metallica's for not attending - or maybe VPI is just not very good.

Cuse 29 - NCSU 42

You know who's also not very good? Syracuse. The Orange let the Wolfpack score seemingly at will last night, giving up over 500 yards on defense. While this only increases NC State's conference record to 3-4 (same as UVa), they continue to be bowl eligible and sit at 7-4 overall. Perhaps they'd have a different story if Jon Oliver were designing their schedule. Oh well.

GT 21 - Miami 38

The deeper we get into these recaps, the more I begin to realize UVa is really not all that bad compared to the rest of the conference. If they manage to beat the Hokies next week, they'll finish at .500 in the conference - which is a hell of a lot better than preseason coastal favorite Georgia Tech will finish. After dropping the road game to the Canes, the Yellow Jackets are 1-7 in the conference, while Miami continues its solid post-Golden run and now sit at 7-4 overall.

Louisville 34 - Pitt 45

Apparently this is an ACC matchup? Pitt has been a very quiet muy bueno this season - they scored 35 points in the second quarter yesterday, though the Cardinals were able to draw within a score in the fourth. While the Panthers can't win the coastal division, they can finish the season with ten wins. Don't worry Pitt fans, we totally promise not to make any allusions to Pat Narduzzi taking any other jobs, we swear.