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Coaching rumors: Mullen interested in UVa job?

Could an SEC coach land in Charlottesville?

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the final game of the 2015 Virginia Cavaliers football season, signs are pointing to it also being the final game of the Mike London era. And the first rumblings of a potential replacement are ... sizable.

According to sources trusted by Jamie Oakes of 24/7 Sports, Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen has expressed interest in the U.Va. head coaching job. You can find more details at the 24/7 site (behind their paywall).

Mullen has worked magic at Mississippi State. Taking over after Sylvester Croom's departure in 2008, Mullen took a team that had one winning record in its previous five seasons and brought up to a #1 ranking last year. Since Mullen came to Starkville, MSU has been to a bowl game every season but his first year.

Coaches going from the SEC to the ACC without being fired are a rare occurrence: not since Steve Sloan left Ole Miss for Duke in the 1980s has it happened.

These may be nothing more than rumors at this point, and like all things on the Internet should be consumed with a grain (or 100 grains) of salt. Nonetheless, the college football world is headed for a crazy offseason. Hold onto your butts.