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A Look at Mike London's Tenure Through Stats

Now that Mike London is now longer roaming the Scott Stadium sidelines, take a look at some of the stats regarding his record at UVA.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Mike London era has officially ended, here is a look at how London did as the head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers football team.

  • The loss to Virginia Tech brought his overall record at UVA to 27-46 (.369), which ranks 8th out of 9 coaches in Virginia history who have coached 40 or more games.
  • The .369 win % ranks 98th out of 119 FBS schools during his tenure, and only eight power conference programs have been worse.
  • London went 0-6 against rival Virginia Tech, to go along with 0-6 against North Carolina.
  • He was 14-34 in the ACC and 4-12 against ranked teams
  • Only 11 FBS schools have had more turnovers than UVA while London has been coach.
  • Since London has been coach, UVA football has spent a grand total of 1 week in the top #25. The following week the team lost 38-0 to VT.
  • London was the first coach in the history of college football to ever to win at Miami and Florida State in the same season.

Lastly, here is how Mike London's career record at UVA stacks up against other notable Virginia coaches.