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Tony Bennett Q&A Session Tonight!

Submit your questions for Coach Bennett!

Tony awaits your questions
Tony awaits your questions
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Have a question for the George Clooney of basketball? Well, now is your chance! Tonight, from 6-6:30pm, the one and only Coach Bennett will be doing a question and answer session sponsored by Virginia529. Go here to submit your questions.

Since we here at Streaking the Lawn are here to help you, here are some examples of good and bad questions for Coach Bennett.

Do Ask:

What team on the schedule do you think poses the biggest threat to the packline defense?

Who has had the biggest jump in the offseason?

Does the team pay any attention to the top ten preseason ranking?

This is going to be our first time seeing players like Jack Salt and Darius Thompson in action. What should we expect?

If Malcolm runs for president, would you consider leaving basketball to be his VP?

Don't Ask:

Do you own any Rick Pitino white suits that you can bust out this season?

Why are you "ruining" basketball?

Will you be my best friend?

What do you think of Mike London and the football team?

What is it like singing a duet with Lady Gaga?