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Still Hope for Richt?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Even though news came out earlier this morning that Mark Richt is not likely to pursue another job this offseason, it appears he left the door open during his press conference.

During his press conference with the media, discussing his time with UGA and his future, Richt mentioned that anything could be possible for he and his wife in the future.

That certainly goes against the news dawgnation shared, which indicated that Richt would likely not pursue any other jobs in the near future, and most likely not for the 2016 season.

Rich also went on to say during his press conference

This has to be great news for any and all UVa fans that are hopeful for Richt to come to UVa. As has been reported, he showed interest in the Virginia job in 2001 before taking the Georgia job. The 55 year old is coming off a 15 year stint at UGA and could be looking for some time off, or he could be looking to prove himself at a school that might appreciate him a bit more than he was in Athens.