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To Homer and Back - 11/4/15 - ft Ken Pomeroy

Streaking the Lawn's official podcast: To Homer and Back. This week, STL bloggers are joined by stats guru Ken Pomeroy! The crew discuss the Hoos' upcoming season, expanding and using advanced stats in the game, and even a few reflections on UMD fans.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Streaking the Lawn Podcast is back! With basketball season quickly approaching, Pierce, Brian, and Danny bring Ken Pomeroy on the show to discuss hoops, stats, and how awesome Tony Bennett is. For those who are unfamiliar, Ken runs his possession by possession rankings at and you can regularly find his articles in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and on among other places.

In addition to chatting about advanced stats, tempo, and efficiency, the guys talk about the new rules for NCAA basketball, rating teams based on incoming freshmen, and possible expansion of Ken's statistics. It's not all number crunching though; we also learn that, despite being a Hokie graduate, Ken grew up a UVa fan - and has had a bit of reaction from Terp twitter world from ranking Maryland where they deserve to be. Enjoy:

Got thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Maryland jokes? Add comments below and get the conversation started. Stay tuned in the coming days for more musings about the upcoming season!