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Virginia coaching updates: Beatty, Hagans still on staff? gives some clues about who will be around next year

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

The composition of Virginia football's coaching staff for 2016 has been the hot topic for any Cavaliers fans since Bronco Mendenhall was hired. We learned earlier this week that almost the entire offensive staff from BYU would be following Mendenhall to Virginia.

But the big question was: What about Biscuit and Beatty?

Thanks to a heads up from commenters here on STL (specifically skwers), the website seems to shed some light on that issue.

coaching staff 12/11/15

As of late last week, all of the coaches from 2015 were on that page, with the exception of Bronco Mendenhall in place of Mike London. Now it's down to the graduate assistants, Marques Hagans, and Chris Beatty.

With Mike London off to Maryland and Tech holding onto long-time Beamer assistant Bud Foster, retaining two coaches with deep ties to Virginia high schools ought to be a priority for Mendenhall. We knew Hagans and Beatty were still out recruiting after the Mendenhall hire. It's encouraging to see this, which seems to suggest they'll be on staff going into next year.


According to Doug Doughty, Beatty may actually be on his way out of town