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What we know Wednesday night: Mark Richt is gone, Virginia moves on

Catching our breath after a crazy Wednesday

"Coral Gables? I've been told it's over yonder?"
"Coral Gables? I've been told it's over yonder?"
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

As of the time I'm writing this, it's been roughly 84 hours since Mike London resigned as head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers. In those 84 hours, approximately as many names have been floated as London's replacement. But with the news breaking this evening that top target Mark Richt is off to Miami, it's time to take stock of what we know about Virginia's search process.

Here's the answer in a nutshell.

You'll notice that in that nutshell, is a whole lot of nothing.

Let's recap the various things we knew to be true at points today.

Not just in Charlottesville: in Charlottesville NOW! 1:00 PM, December 2nd, IT'S HAPPENING!

Whoa! That's huge! Getting the big money guns involved! Wait, but...

But then why...



(And lest anyone accuse me of just sitting back and sniping at people who do actual reporting, here's a screenshot of me getting my Richt prediction way wrong.)

paul got it wrong

This time of year is called the Silly Season for a reason. FlightAware has a ton of data, but no actual answers. There are no more than 10 people in the world who know with first-hand certainty what is actually going on in Virginia's coaching search—and about half of them lose their job if they tell anyone else. Information is perception is leverage; remember that whatever you're seeing publicly has a good chance of being part of someone else's negotiation strategy.

Is that going to stop us from poring over Twitter accounts? Of course not. Will we parse any public information with Zapruder film-like intensity? Of course we will.

But we will continue to be sure to let you know what we don't know. Until you hear it from Craig Littlepage himself, everything else is just a rumor.