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Virginia basketball: Hoos hit threes, miss from mid-range in win over Cal

UVa's night from the floor, in two images

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

You sleep yet? Any Virginia fan who tuned in for the Hoos' comeback win over Cal probably didn't get their full allotment of Zs last night. You were probably too busy trying to break down the numbers, or watching Dave Koehn's call of Perrantes' shot on infinite repeat.

So while you're guzzling coffee and trying to make it to Christmas Eve, we wanted to show you the two pictures that tell the whole story of Virginia's offensive struggles last night.

Yes, that is the nation's #1 most efficient offense according to KenPom failing to hit a single shot between the lane and the three-point line. After such a dreadful performance from the floor, the Hoos' offense has plummeted ... to second.