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Happy New Year from the Streaking The Lawn Staff

In the spirit of the holidays

Streaking The Lawn

is donating its proceeds to

The Sexual Assault Resource Agency.

This past year has been an incredible one for Streaking The Lawn. Thanks to all of you who read our content, make comments, and follow along on Twitter and Facebook, we've hit major milestones all year long as we continue to be among the leaders in the Virginia Athletics media space. We added seven new contributors to the site, and because of this, we're able to give you the most comprehensive coverage out there.

So, thank you.

Without all of you giving us clicks and engaging in conversation, we wouldn't be able to do what we do as a labor of love. Each year, we take the proceeds we've earned throughout the course of the year -- whether it be through sponsored campaigns, advertisements, etc. -- and we donate it a charity of interest to the University and Charlottesville communities.

This year, we're proud to support The Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA), located in Charlottesville and serving central Virginia. It's been a tough year for the University, still coming off the backlash of a debunked Rolling Stone article on the prevalence of campus rape at UVA. But just because the article itself was fabricated doesn't mean the conversations should stop as we collectively try to build a safer community.

SARA serves approximately 550 victims and over 1,100 students each year through a 24-hour crisis hotline, emergency room advocacy, trauma-informed therapy, legal advocacy, support groups, etc. Its goal is to eliminate sexual violence through education, advocacy and support to men, women and children. Their support is provided free of charge to all survivors.

To learn more about SARA, click here.

Again, thank you from all of us here at Streaking The Lawn. Have a happy new year, and let's go celebrate some national championships together this year!