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To Homer and Back - 12/3/15 - Basketball Musings and Coaching Search Madness

Streaking the Lawn's podcast crew breaks down Mark Richt's terrible decision making and reflects on the first few weeks of UVa's basketball season.

This week on To Homer and Back: Pierce, Caroline, and Matt discuss the recent Mark Richt news (OH GOD WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITHOUT HIM!?!), their thoughts on the coaching search candidates (please not Mack Brown), and break down the early out of conference results from the men's basketball team. While it's always nice to get a road win again a power five team, especially without your starting point guard, the crew discusses how their expectations for the rest of the season may have changed some since the preseason.

Got your own thoughts on the coaching search? Worried that the failure to attract Mark Richt spells doom for the future? Should we shut down football and just focus on things we're good at? Would hiring Mack Brown essentially accomplish that? Get the discussion going below!

Stay tuned to Streaking the Lawn for more updates on both the coaching search and current sports seasons.