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Exhibit A) on Why UVa Should Hire Jeff Brohm

Following the Mark Richt debacle, UVa fans may be a little lost on who to root for in the coaching search. The following Youtube clip might help.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the XFL? While our coaching search followers might be familiar with candidate Jeff Brohm's collegiate quarterbacking experience, they might not know he was a star of the short-lived professional wrestling-backed alternative football league. Thanks to the magic of the internets, someone out there was able to stumble upon this amazing highlight of Brohm in his playing days - and his response to being asked why he was able to so quickly play after getting knocked out of the previous game. Dedicated UVa fan message board readers out there may have already witnessed the hilarious awesomeness that is this video, but for those who haven't, check my new favorite reason for rooting for Jeff Brohm to be UVa's new head coach:

Forget for a minute how the entire sport of football is facing an inevitable downwards spiral from the deadly ramifications of a) such violent hits and b) the flippant disregard for the effects of such violent hits - and enjoy the candid awesomeness of that quote. Get this man on grounds.