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Lighting of the Lawn: Watch a live stream here

Treat yourself to a little break from coaching search madness

If you were at the University between 2000 and the present, there's a December, pre-exam tradition you probably remember fondly. A cappella groups on the steps of the Rotunda. Hot chocolate and hot cider with all the fixin's (including whatever was in that flask, but we won't tell).

That's right: Lighting of the Lawn.

The University's annual celebration of semester's end and the holidays to come is tonight. While the rumor mill swirls, enjoy this brief respite and take a trip back down memory's lane to Charlottesville.

Note: The "Class Poem," followed by the lighting, Good Old Song, and annual "light show" starts at 2:57:20.

The live stream is running, but festivities won't start until 7:30 PM EST. Plenty of time to grab some wine, start a fire, check in on the latest coaching news, before turning off and relaxing for the evening.

We'll be back at it tomorrow with plenty more coverage. For now, get yourself warmed up to sing the Good Ol Song as the holidays arrive at Mr. Jefferson's University.