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UVA Press Conferences: Who Said it Better, Bennett or Mendenhall?

Bronco Mendenhall's press conference sounded a lot like Tony Bennett's, which is a good start.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Bronco Mendenhall was introduced to the media as the Virginia Cavaliers newest head football coach. He touched on many of the same themes and ideas that Tony Bennett spoke about almost six years ago when he was introduced as the new basketball coach. Try figuring out which coach is attributed to which quote (answers at the bottom):

  1. "The organizational design brings talent and ability to fruition and builds a culture that is uncompromised and fanatical in terms of the things that you've decided on are the core principles of the program."
  2. "We're going to be unified, and we're going to play with passion. Those are the intangibles that you need to build a program."
  3. "I remain uncompromised and am drawn to the words of uncompromised excellence, because we're not going to compromise anything."
  4. "What I've always been taught, and the way I look at it, is you better play in a way that gives you a chance to compete with the best, and if that system or style can't do that, then you need to adjust."
  5. ``I came here to build a great team, but more importantly, I came here to build a program that lasts, and the way you go about that is you have great integrity and you have great passion.''
  6. "We want the most talented kids, but never will we compromise character."
  7. "I'm motivated by purpose, and I'm motivated by principle. A chance to make a difference, while developing student-athletes at an institution that embraces fantastic standards."
  8. "Life is not meant to be endured but enjoyed elevated by education that ignites the desire to serve something larger than ones self. Knowledge armed with purpose."
1-BM, 2-TB, 3-BM, 4-TB, 5-TB, 6-TB, 7-BM, 8-I cheated. This from a recent UVA TV ad

If Bronco Mendenhall can match Tony Bennett's success and not just his rhetoric, then the future of UVA's football program will be bright.