UVA D earns an "A+" in Luke Winn's Power Rankings


Grade: A+

A.D.E. Rank: 1

Profile: Pack-Line man-to-man with zone principles

Strengths: An incredible Pack-Line team that excels at limiting transition and stopping penetration, especially off the pick-and-roll. ... The Cavs are far more disciplined than Kentucky, and their defensive quality has increased of late to carry them through Justin Anderson's absence. ... Scoring on them in the post is next-to-impossible; they prevent easy entries, wall up to limit field-goal percentage, and their big-to-big double-teams have been a source of turnover-creation. ... 6'8" senior Darion Atkins and 7-foot junior Mike Tobey are a highly effective interior duo, and everyone from the 2-5 spots contributes to lock down the defensive glass and limit opponents to a single shot.

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