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Virginia Football Recruiting: Eric Gallon signs with UVa

Eric Gallon is a run-stuffing ILB prospect who could end up at OLB as well.

Profile: Eric Gallon II

High School: George Jenkins (Lakeland, Fl.)

Height/weight: 6-1, 208

Ranking: Rivals 3*, ESPN 3*, 247 2*

Additional offers: South Florida, Army, Bowling Green

The skinny:

Listed as an ILB, Gallon could potentially end up at OLB or even DE, depending on how he fills out. Right now, at just 208 pounds, he's not really big enough for any of those, and he isn't near fast enough to play SS. He could also end up at TE, again depending on how he progresses.

The above highlights are from his senior year, courtesy of Hudl.

As an ILB, he's a run stuffer. He moved up into the hole and he can lay a hit. He isn't a sideline-to-sideline guy, and he's still developing his instincts. He is very lean, so there is certainly reason to believe he could add 20+ pounds of muscle to his frame without much impact to the rest of his game. That would make him much more able to shed blocks and make plays at the line of scrimmage.

One reason he could move to OLB is that he could end up a good pass rusher, assuming he can learn some pass rush techniques. There are few football coaches better at teaching that than Jon Tenuta.

Gallon hasn't spent much time in man coverage, but he looks comfortable in zone. This is important, because at OLB, he would almost definitely have to spend some time in man coverage. However, as a MLB, he would almost exclusively be in underneath zones.

Whereever he ends up, Gallon is going to need to add strength. He'll redshirt, and then probably spent another year or two on special teams before he's ready contribute as an every down player.