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Virginia Football Recruiting: Myles Robinson Signs with UVa

Myles Robinson is a quality WR recruit who profiles as a slot WR.

Profile: Myles Robinson

High School: Our Lady of Good Counsel (Olney, Md.)

Height/weight: 5-11, 174

Ranking: Rivals 3*, ESPN 3*, 247 3*

Additional offers: Michigan State, Ohio St, West Virginia

The Skinny:

Myles Robinson is another athlete signing with the Hoos today. He's either a WR or a DB. The Hoos, it seems, are expecting him to begin at WR. This is probably the correct call, as he seems to profile better there. Good Counsel has been a hotbed for the Hoos in recent years, as Robinson will be the 5th Good Counsel player on the roster, joining Kirk Garner, Andre Levrone, Brendan Marshall and Vincent Croce.

Robinson is on the small side, although 5'11" isn't too bad for a WR. His frame is slight, and while he's quick, he isn't game-breakingly fast. He's a bit like a Dominique Terrell, although he's more advanced as a WR (Terrell, you may recall, played QB in HS).

The above video is Robinson's junior year highlights, courtesy of Hudl.

Robinson has pretty good route running skills already. Again, he isn't a burner, but he has a lot of lateral quickness and he uses it to make the subtle moves that help a WR get open. He also has good hands and does a good job of getting the ball at its highest point. And he seems to get the ball out away from his body (as WRs are taught).

He's probably, like Terrell, better suited to the slot. His ability to get open would play well there, and the Hoos could work to get him the ball in space, where his quickness will be a big advantage.

The Hoos have a lot of depth at WR, so there isn't a need for Robinson to play right away. This is good, because he needs to bulk up a bit.