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2015 ACC Cheering Guide: Day 2

Taking a quick look at today's ACC Tournament games and how they'll affect the Hoos. Who should we root for, as Wahoo fans?

Tony wants you to root for these teams today.
Tony wants you to root for these teams today.
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ACC Tourney Cheering Guide, Day 2

Folks, sorry we missed out on Day 1, but really nobody cared. Today, there are 4 games, instead of just 2. So, we're finally taking notice. Here's a look at each game, and who the Hoos should be rooting for.

Game 3: Noon
Matchup: #8 Clemson vs #9 FSU
Who Should the Hoos Root For: Clemson
Why: The Hoos face the winner of this game, and the Hoos demolished Clemson by 23 points (though that was at full strength). The Hoos matchup against FSU was mich tighter (without Justin). Still, Clemson is one of the worst shooting teams in the nation, and teams that can't shoot don't do well against the pack line.

Game 4: 2PM (or so)
Matchup: #5 UNC  vs #12 Boston College
Who Should the Hoos Root For: BC
Why: Because we don't like UNC? Is that a good enough reason? Mostly, because UNC is better than BC, and there are more UNC fans in Greensboro than BC fans. A BC win would make that arena pretty empty for Friday's semifinals.

Game 5: 7PM
Matchup: #7 NC State vs #10 Pitt
Who Should the Hoos Root For: NC State
Why: Because the winner of this game faces Duke, and NC State has already beaten Duke this year. Knocking Duke out early would make the Hoos path easier and almost certainly clinch a 1 seed for the Hoos.

Game 6: 9PM (or so)
#6 Miami vs #14 Virginia Tech
Who Should the Hoos Root For: Miami
Why: Kind of the same reason as above. The Canes won @Duke, and are more likely to give Duke a tough game in the semifinals than the Hokies are. Of course, it is unlikely that either team would get past Notre Dame, but Miami would also have a better shot of that. Also, we don't like the Hokies.

So that's today. Things will get more interesting in