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2015 ACC Tournament: UVA Bingo!

Virginia plays Florida State at noon tomorrow...join in the fun with our Virginia specific Bingo Card!

No, this #NOLTEFACE doesn't count.
No, this #NOLTEFACE doesn't count.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia will be playing the Florida State Seminoles in today's first quarterfinal game in the 2015 ACC Tournament, tipping off at noon.

Somewhere, Ethan Saliba is custom building bubble-wrap suits for all the players and making London and Malcolm special helmets for the game.

Since I'm sure you all took today off to watch the game, enjoy the action with us using the official Streaking the Lawn ACC Tournament UVA Bingo Card.

(Click to embiggen)

If you see something that you think will fulfill a square, tweet @TheUVAFool. Vines and screenshots are welcome! This is all for fun, so print out the card and get ready to see zoomed in shots of Anthony Gill's free throw shooting stance. While you're at it, print out the ACC Bingo Card and play along with that as well!

Go Hoos!