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2015 ACC Tournament Cheering Guide: Day 3

Yesterday's ACC Tourney games didn't really go our way. The only lower seed to win was FSU, which is the matchup the Hoos will get. But, Clemson seemed like a better matchup than FSU. Maybe today will be better. Let's take a look at the matchups, and who we should be rooting for.

Tony Bennett and the Hoos begin their postseason run today.
Tony Bennett and the Hoos begin their postseason run today.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoos postseason begins today, and is the first game of the day in the ACC Tourney. But there are also 3 other games, and Wahoo fans need to know who they should be rooting for.

Game 7: Noon
Matchup: #1 Virginia vs #9 FSU
Who Should the Hoos Root For: Obvious.
Why: Why are you even reading this?

Game 8: 2PM (or so)
Matchup: #4 Louisville vs #5 UNC
Who Should the Hoos Root For: UNC
Why: So, this one wasn't easy. Obviously, we don't really ever like rooting for the Heels. But the Hoos beat the Heels, fairly easily, in Chapel Hill this year. And they fell to Louisville just a few days ago. Also, UNC just played yesterday, and isn't the deepest of teams, so they may tire towards the end of the game. The down side, is the number of UNC fans who would be there, which is likely much higher than the number of Louisville fans.

Game 9: 7PM
Matchup: #2 Duke vs #7 NC State
Who Should the Hoos Root For: NC State
Why: This one is fairly obvious. Without a doubt, the Hoos can beat Duke. But the Hoos are still more likely to beat NC State than Duke. Also, a Duke loss would likely knock them back behind the Hoos in the eyes of voters and the committee.

Game 10: 9PM (or so)
#3 Notre Dame vs #6 Miami
Who Should the Hoos Root For: Notre Dame
Why: Like the second game, this one is tough. Both of these teams beat Duke, and Miami did it on the road. But, Notre Dame is clearly the superior team, which likely gives them a better chance to beat Duke. Also, Miami probably locks up an NCAA Tourney bid with a win (Notre Dame is securely in the field). Alas, this isn't about ACC Glory, it is about Wahoo Glory. We'll go with the Irish, and their (perhaps slight) advantage over Miami, in terms of likelihood of beating Duke.

So, there's your Thursday. Go Hoos!