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2015 ACC Tournament Cheering Guide: Day 4

The Hoos moved on, and face UNC in the ACC semifinals at 7PM today. The second game is Duke against Notre Dame. The question we are trying to answer is: which of those two teams would the Hoos rather face. Perhaps it seems obvious. And, well, maybe it is obvious.

The Hoos frontcourt will be testing by UNC's deep and talented trio.
The Hoos frontcourt will be testing by UNC's deep and talented trio.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

For the 2nd day in a row, the only lower seeded team to win is the team that faces the Hoos. In the first case, it may not have been the preferred outcome for the Hoos. In this case, it probably was. Not necessarily because the Louisville is better than UNC, but because the Hoos just lost to Louisville last week and the prospect of facing them again in such a short period of time is daunting. The Hoos faced UNC roughly 6 weeks ago, and won by 11 in Chapel Hill.

Game 11: 7PM
Matchup: #1 Virginia vs #5 UNC
Who Should the Hoos Root For: Obvious.
Why: Why are you even reading this?

Game 12: 9PM (or so)
Matchup: #2 Duke vs #3 Notre Dame
Who Should the Hoos Root For: Notre Dame
Why: Aside from the obvious factor that we do not like the Blue Devils, there is also the obvious factor that we'd prefer to face a team we beat on the road than a team we lost to at home. Notre Dame and Duke are actually somewhat similar teams. Great offenses, and subpar defenses. Duke, however, is better inside, just as good outside and probably better defensively. It's pretty much a no brainer than the Hoos would prefer to see Notre Dame.

That's Friday, and just one more ACC Tourney day to go. Go Hoos!