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Capital One Cupdate with Rece Davis

We chatted with Rece Davis about this year's Capital One Cup and Virginia's shot at bringing home first place.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

In the Capital One Cup's inaugural season, Virginia came close to taking home the crown, finishing second to Florida behind a National Championship from Men's Lacrosse and a strong post-season run by baseball. In 2011-2012, Virginia finished 28th, 39th in 2012-2013, and fourth last season.

This year, Virginia shares the top spot with Ohio State and North Dakota State with 60 points, thanks to the NCAA title for the Men's Soccer program.

Davis, a member of the Capital One Cup Board of Advisors, recognizes that the Hoos are in a solid position for the Cup this year.

"I think Virginia is really uniquely positioned at this juncture to make a real run on the Men's side..." Davis said via phone interview, continuing, "...already with a national championship in soccer on the resume, which gave them 60 points for that, a basketball team that is capable of going to the Final Four and winning a national championship as well, and a baseball team coming up in the spring that's always highly regarded."

No Capital One Cup winner in it's four year history has also been the NCAA Basketball Champion. Florida won the first two Capital One Cups with Connecticut and Kentucky taking the basketball crowns. In 2012-2013 Louisville won the NCAA Championship and UCLA the Capital One Cup. 2014 it was Connecticut (again! Sheesh.) with Notre Dame first in the Cup.

As Selection Sunday looms over the Virginia crowd, a lot of questions need to be answered, including how much does Justin Anderson's injury play into seeding and how far can they go without him?

Rece Davis recognized the importance of Simba, stating, " judgement on this is that if Virginia is going to go to the Final Four, they need Justin Anderson. I think that he's a matchup nightmare, and he's been really good from behind the arc."

However, Virginia doesn't need to win the national championship in basketball in order to gain a boost in the Capital One Cup standings (but, please do).

"It's really important, as all the sports are," said Davis, "...but there are 60 points up for grabs for winning the national championship in basketball, and you accumulate points if you get a top ten finish as well."

With the current standings, Virginia is poised to finish strong down the stretch, despite some recent struggles with baseball and lacrosse. If UVa. finishes in the top ten in their respective polls for basketball, lacrosse, baseball, as well as a top ten finish in tennis, they will be pretty well set up. All four of those programs are currently in their top ten, and are projected to stay there throughout the season.

On the women's side, the Wahoos currently sit in fourth place behind Penn State, Stanford, and Florida State. Lacrosse, tennis, and rowing are currently ranked highly that could garner some points for Virginia down the stretch.

But does any of this matter? The short answer is yes.

"The real beauty of this thing," Davis stated, " that it furthers the educational mission of college sports. This is our fifth year of the Capital One Cup. Every year, the winning program on the men's and women's side get a grand total of 400,000 dollars in student-athlete scholarships."

Sounds all right to me.