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2015 NCAA Tournament: ESPN bracket experts predict the Final Four, Champions

Seth Greenberg has been speaking highly of Virginia all season. Now it's time to put pen to paper. What say you, Seth?

"Our team is going through the region of death. Not just the region of death, but the mini-pod of death. We totally got screwed. Meanwhile, our rival has SUCH an easy road to win it all!" says every college basketball fan, everywhere.

But what are the experts saying about the teams? Which one seeds are most likely to advance to the Final Four, and which two or three seeds have a shot at making it to Indianapolis?

ESPN's analysts weighed in shortly after the selections were announced. The results are as follows:

Jay Bilas: Kentucky

2015 Picks: Jay Bilas

Rece Davis: Kentucky

2015 Picks: Rece Davis

Seth Greenberg: Kentucky

2015 Picks: Seth Greenberg

Dick Vitale: Kentucky (Tee hee, it says "Dick's Picks")

2015 Picks: Dickie V

Jay Williams: Arizona

2015 Picks: Jay Williams

Three of the five analysts -- 60% -- have Virginia advancing through the East and into the Final Four. Rece Davis has Michigan State advancing, while Seth Greenberg has Villanova over Michigan State to win the East.

Seth, you once believed! He defended his decision, saying simply that "Michigan State finds a way to advance in March."

None of the analysts were bold enough to put Virginia into the championship game, however.

Williams, who has NC State meeting Virginia in the Elite Eight, said that he "would've had UVA on the first line. Even though they weren't playing that great without Justin Anderson, I felt their wins were better than the wins Villanova had."

In fact, Williams predicts Villanova to be the first one-seed to drop, saying that both NC State and LSU had the parts needed to take down the Big East champions.

For Bilas, it largely depends on the Justin Anderson x-factor.

"I still favor Virginia to get to the Regional Final and play Villanova. If Justin Anderson can get toward healthy, to where he gets that brace off his hand and he can actually handle the ball with his left hand, I think Virginia goes to the Final Four."

Do the ESPN experts have it right? Who do you have in your Final Four?