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Cowherd's #HotTake Crushed by Long, Doolittle

Happy Monday afternoon!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It's no surprise that ESPN's Colin Cowherd is not a favorite among Virginia fans. You may remember this gem from 2006 in which he went off on all aspects of UVa. football from the team to the fans:

"UVA is the softest bunch of creampuff, bowtie wearing, brie cheese eating, ascot wearing wussies I’ve ever seen in my life. There is not a softer bunch of cookie doe eating weinees than the UVA football program. Those guys wear makeup to games. That is the biggest bunch of fru fru, daiquiri drinking, non alcoholic beer chugging weinees I’ve ever seen in my life. Want to know the most popular drink at tailgating at UVA football? Zima! Under soft, they have a Cavalier football logo in the dictionary. They wear suits to games! That’s absurd!"

Well, today he reared his hottest of hot takes head in relation to Virginia Basketball.

I'll wait while you recover from your shock.

Surprise, surprise.

Ok, to his credit that's a new one. Comparing it to cancer causing cigarettes. Got it.

He's for the greater good, y'all. Maybe he's just trolling?

Ok, so...that's not it. At this point, Virginia fans know they're never going to convince folks that don't like solid, team-oriented, hard-nosed defense played by a group of good guys that follow the rules and care about their coach, University, and each other, that it's a good style of basketball. That's fine. You don't have to like it.

Cowherd finished with this gem.

LOL. No seriously, I actually laughed.

Then things got good as former UVa. football standout Chris Long got involved. Excellent, really.

HA! Then former Virginia pitcher (and current Oakland A's pitcher) Sean Doolittle jumped in.

Long succinctly finished with this gem.

If rooting for Virginia is, in fact, like rooting for pleated khakis...then we've picked up a new fan.

At least we can rely on Mark Titus.

Thanks, Twitter. Never change.