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NCAA Tournament Cheering Guide: Day 4

Saturday gave the East region the tournament's biggest upset, with #1 seed Villanova falling to NC State. Sunday has 3 more East region games. Here's a cheering guide for Wahoo fans.

Hoo should we for in tomorrow's East Region games?
Hoo should we for in tomorrow's East Region games?
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Despite having just 1 game on Saturday, the East region provided the biggest story of the day, with 8 seeded NC State knocking off #1 seed Villanova. That helps open up the bracket for the Hoos (and everybody else). With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Hoos’ rooting interest in Sunday’s games.

East Region

Game 2: #2 Virginia vs #7 Michigan State
Hoo Should We Root For: Hoos
Why: Because.

Game 3: #3 Oklahoma vs #11 Dayton
Hoo Should We Root For: Dayton
Why: It’s always fun when a double-digit seed advances to the sweet 16. Dayton caught a bit of a break, getting their opening round game on their home floor, and then two more games in Columbus, just 70 miles from home. Advancing would mean playing their next game in Syracuse, much further away from the hometown fans. Should both teams advance, the Hoos would be highly favored.

Game 4: #4 Louisville vs #5 Northern Iowa
Hoo Should We Root For: Louisville
Why: This one is tough, and I could be convinced either way. That said, the Hoos have already beaten Louisville once this year. And in the 2nd game, in Louisville, without Justin Anderson, and in a completely meaningless game for the Hoos, the Cardinals needed a miracle shot at the finish to win. The Hoos would rather get a third matchup against the Cardinals than face a completely unknown Northern Iowa team.

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