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Cavaliers Drop Series to Seminoles

The Cavaliers freefall continued over the weekend as they dropped another ACC series. This time to visiting Florida State.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Luckily everyone was watching basketball this weekend to recognize the struggling baseball team. Unfortunately, with basketball season over, more eyes will start to focus on Men's Lacrosse and Baseball, and let me warn you UVa fans, it isn't going to be pretty.

Coming into the weekend, the world knew FSU's hitters were some of the best in the country. Many thought the dominant UVa pitching staff would be able to keep them at bay and allow the Hoos to stay in the game, if not win multiple games.

When the pitching staff doesn't show up for a weekend, it likely isn't going to turn out well.

As any UVa fan who has regularly read the coverage here, or watched the UVa baseball team over the last 10+ years knows, Coach Kuhn prides himself and his staff on pitching to contact and limiting walks. That proved to be the killer this weekend against Florida State.

In total, the pitching staff issued 34 walks and hit five batters for 39 free bases. In the lone game UVa won on Friday, they only surrendered two earned runs on eight hits, but still walked seven batters. This would come to be, by far, their best performance of the weekend in regards to issuing free bases. To put that seven in comparison, Coach Kuhn's best staff in 2011, which featured Hultzen, Roberts, and Wilson, averaged only 2.28 walks per nine innings. Will Roberts only had 14 the entire season!

Since we've analyzed the best, now let's focus on the worst. Saturday and Sunday were abysmal and likely caused Coach Kuhn to lose the rest of his hair (ba dum che!). Saturday's pitchers gave up 12 walks and hit 2 batters. Saturday set a season high in walks, that was only to be broken again less than 24 hours later. Sunday's six pitchers combined to issue 15 walks and hit an additional three batters.

To make a direct comparison to any historical UVa team in terms of total walks is unfair given the different amount of games each team has played, but on average UVa staffs have issued 176.18 walks a season. The best season was 2013 which gave out only 146 (62 games) walks, while the 2010 team gave 214 walks (65 games).Through only 21 games this season, less than half, the team has given out 96 walks for an average over 4.5 walks a game.

Something has to change, and I am glad I am not there to incur the wrath that K's is likely giving out.