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Virginia Baseball is having their slowest start in 12 years

The Virginia Cavaliers baseball team started off the season as the top-ranked team in the country.  However, after losing back to back ACC series' for the first time since 2008, the Hoos only have a 15-8 record and have fallen to 18th in the polls. This matches the slowest start for UVA in Brian O'Connor's 12 years as head coach. Here is how the Cavaliers have previously fared through 23 games.

UVA Baseball 23 Games O'Connor

This season Virginia is only scoring 5.2 runs a game, their lowest average in over 12 seasons.  Meanwhile the 3.8 runs allowed per game are one of their highest averages as well. When looking at full seasons, you can dig deeper into the numbers:

UVA Baseball O'Connor Era

The Hoos' batting average, runs per game, and fielding % are the lowest in the Brian O'Connor era.  In addition, while the pitching staff's runs per game allowed and ERA are on par with other years, they are walking batters at an alarming rate.

Two big factors that go into these declining numbers are that UVA is starting four freshman position players and their best hitter, Joe McCarthy, is still out with back surgery. Those factors do not fit well in Excel though. Hopefully the young bats can turn it around as they head into the heart of the ACC schedule.