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2015 ACC Tournament: ACC BINGO!

The ACC tournament gets underway in Greensboro, NC on Tuesday. Print out our 2015 ACC Bingo Card and get ready for some fun!

Tony Bennett wants you to play Bingo.
Tony Bennett wants you to play Bingo.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday at 1pm, the 2015 ACC tournament kicks off with a battle between #12 Boston College and #13 Georgia Tech, followed by #15 Virginia Tech and #11 Wake Forest at 3pm.

Wait, what? That doesn't sound super exciting to you? Well, that's where we are here to help.

Last year, we introduced the #goacc ACC Tournament Bingo Card.

Good news, sports fans...the 2015 edition is here. This year, we will have prizes to give away!! Big thanks to our fellow ACC blogs and a few Twitter helpers for their suggestions!

Here are the steps to enter:

1. Print: Print out the 2015 #goacc ACC Tournament Bingo Card below. Note that some of the spaces are filled in. Those are the mandatory spots for those items.

2. Complete: Fill in the remaining spaces with the options listed below.

3. Submit: Once you have it filled in, post a picture in the comments or tweet it to @TheUVAFool. This must be completed by 12:30pm on Tuesday, 10 March.

4. Win: The first 5 people who post or tweet their competed, winning bingo card will win a Streaking the Lawn prize! If you don't send us the bingo card before the cutoff date, we cannot accept the completed card. All of the squares must be approved by Streaking the Lawn's official Twitter (@TheUVAFool) when it requires confirmation (Duke Flop, #JamieLuckie'd). Vines/screenshots are welcome to aid in confirmation and use #ACCBingo. Like normal Bingo, you must have five in a row, whether vertically, diagonally, or horizontally.

Complete your card with these #goacc moments:

Buzz Williams Sheds Clothing

Referees go to the Monitor

Timeout Called Just Before Media Timeout

Roy Williams Wears Ugly Plaid Jacket

Syracuse Post Season Ban Mentioned

Mike Brey Runs Out of Timeouts

"Scoring Is Down"

NCAA One Seed Ramifications Mentioned

Shot Clock Violation

Charge/Block Controversy

Justin Anderson Appearance

Sampson Era Reference

FG Drought 5+ Minutes

If you have any questions, drop it in the comments. Enjoy the tournament, and's all in good fun! Keep an eye out for the UVA-specific Bingo card tomorrow!

Here's the card (Click to enbiggen):

ACC Bingo 2015