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Cavaliers Take Two of Three from Pitt

The offense struggled, but was able to do enough to take the ACC opening series thanks to more impeccable pitching.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

If UVa is going to make a deep run this season similar to years past, they're going to need the offense to come around. We all know they will not need the offense to be at the pitching level, but somewhere near that level would be nice, and would likely give us fewer heart problems.

Speaking of pitching, the Cavaliers gave up just 5 runs the entire weekend. To make that number more dominant, only three of those five were earned. The five runs matches their lowest total surrendered over a weekend this season; they also gave up five over the three games against East Carolina to begin the season.

To put some of the numbers the staff is putting up into perspective, the Hoos are first in the ACC in ERA by more than a full earned run. UVa has a 1.21 ERA and Duke comes in second at 2.27. The staff also leads the conference in runs, earned runs (obviously), is tied for the lead in Saves (7), second in hits allowed (91, 3 more than NC St who has 11 fewer innings), and third in walks (39, Clemson has 38 and Pitt has 25).

Much of the hitting woes that became apparent this weekend are likely due in large part to the lack of depth the team is experiencing. Multiple players that are receiving playing time this season likely would not have nearly as much. That isn't to say that they aren't worthy, because there is a reason they're at UVa, but you have to feel for a guy like First Year Justin Novak who is struggling at the plate right now.

I cannot imagine how frustrated Coach Mac and O'Connor were on Friday and Saturday as the offense struggled. Pitt's pitching staff is certainly talented, but I doubt even they expected to hold UVa to four and three hits.

Luckily the offense broke out on Sunday, and let's hope it is a sign of things to come. By the end of the first inning, the Hoos had more runs than they had the previous two games combined, and had more hits than they had in either game. In all, eight of the nine hitters the Hoos sent to the plate recorded a hit. In all, they broke out of their shell to the tune of 13 hits and 10 runs, which was the most runs they had scored in a single game all season.

The boys take the field again on Wednesday in another attempt to open up Davenport Field's 2015 season, but we'll have to wait and see if Mother Nature is ok with that.