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Streaking The Lawn introduces six new writers

The STL family just got a lot bigger.

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It's a very exciting day for the entire Streaking The Lawn staff as we finally get to announce our latest additions to the masthead. We're introducing six new STL writers today, each of whom is going to bring something new to the table. In alphabetical order, they are:

Alex Cheung (@TheACexpress): Of our new additions, Alex is the only one who is currently still a student at Virginia. Go ahead, take the time and be immensely jealous. Alex is going to head up our new graphics design department, which means you can start expecting some pretty neat infographics and other visuals that will spruce this place up. Here's Alex's introduction in his own words:

Hey! I am a second-year in the College double-majoring in biology and studio art. As a Jersey native and also a transfer student, I never thought I would end up a Wahoo. But here I am and I couldn't be prouder to attend U.Va. As a sports fan all my life, it was only natural for me to love U.Va sports. Even when I'm drowning in academics, there is always time to cheer for dear 'ol U.Va.

Matt Ellis (@MEllis815): Matt is a 2013 graduate of the University and will be joining us with a focus on football, although he'll be contributing for other sports as well. Here's Matt's introduction in his own words:

I’ve been a UVa fan since birth. My dad was the class of ’75 and I graduated in 2013 from McIntire (I now do Management Consulting for Accenture). My favorite UVa sports moment overall was storming the court after beating Duke in basketball my 4th year behind Joe Harris’s 36 points, but football specific would be the 26-21 victory over then-#4 Florida State in 2005, Marques Hagans was unstoppable that night. The worst memory is the ignominious loss to William & Mary, that was my first football game as a student and I remember sitting on the hill in pure disbelief for about 20 minutes after the game just refusing to move.

Brian Haluska (@Cvillian): Brian is a longtime fan of the University and is a Charlottesville local. This spring he'll be focused primarily on tennis, and you'll see that he's already been hard at work the last couple weeks here and here. Here's Brian's introduction in his own words:

Brian Haluska is a Hoo from the Class of 2001. When not performing his duties as a father and local government official, he enjoys following the Cavaliers in all their athletic pursuits. The highlight of his admittedly limited sports journalism career was covering Chris Long's final high school game.

Eric Hobeck (@eric_hobeck): Eric attended Longwood University as a Communications Studies major. He was the founder and managing editor of UVA Grounds Crew, a UVA sports blog. On STL, he'll be covering all sorts of things, from football to basketball to men's lacrosse and recruiting. Here's Eric's introduction in his own words:

I'm a lifelong UVa fan who gets my love of the University from my mother, who's a Double Hoo. I went to my first game, a basketball game against Georgia Tech, in 2000 and have been hooked since. My favorite UVa sports memories are winning the 2014 ACC tournament and the 2011 national lacrosse title. My least was this year's Michigan State loss. Honorable mention to the 2006 men's hoops game against Arizona - I was there! Dishonorable mentions to the 2007 and 2011 football games against VPI, and the 2008 Gator Bowl. I'm a sports writer by trade and freelance part-time for and District Sports Page. If I ever were to enter a ham biscuit-eating contest, I guarantee victory. However, it would be difficult because I would be trying to savor every last one. I was a benchwarmer's benchwarmer on my high school's varsity lacrosse team.

Jay Pierce (@piercerx): Pierce also comes to us from another sports blog, Wahooze, and will be doing a lot of similar things here that he used to do over there. He'll be focused primarily on football, but is also going to take the lead on starting a new STL podcast. Here's Pierce's introduction in his own words:

Hello there, STL Nation! As a lifelong Wahoo fan, I've spent countless hours following the ups and down of a multitude of UVa sports and am excited to bring my blend of jaded cynicism and eternally loyal optimism to Streaking the Lawn. My favorite memory in UVa fandom is a recent one: attending last year's ACC Championship game down in Greensboro with my mom (Hi Mom!). As far as worst memory goes, there might be a few too many losses to VT to choose from in the past decade, but I'll go with the 2005 52-14 beatdown my third year. When I'm not stressing over the orange and blue, you can find me sampling Charlottesville's microbrews, braising fine cuts of meat, and writing Chvrches fanfic.

Ryan Reese: Last but not least, we have Ryan, a fellow 2005 graduate. Ryan will be covering a broad base of sports for STL, including football and baseball in particular. Here's Ryan's introduction in his own words:

Ryan Reese is a 2005 graduate of the University. His favorite UVA sports memories are the 2002 Continental Tire Bowl, traveling with 100 fellow Hoos to attend the 2004 football game at FSU, and the 2011 Super Regional comeback against UC-Irvine. As far as UVA sports are concerned, he’s passionate about baseball, he’s not bored by Virginia Basketball, and he will take any excuse to enjoy a fall Saturday in Charlottesville (read: he tolerates football). When he’s not thinking about UVA sports, he’s busy crunching numbers for the Department of Defense, and enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife Melissa (also a Hoo) and their 2-year-old daughter (future Hoo).

We hope you're as excited as we are to welcome these six new writers!