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Five observations from the UVA Spring Game

Andrew Brown and T.J. Thorpe shine in the annual inter-squad football scrimmage.

Danny Neckel

The Virginia Cavaliers football team held their annual Spring Game over the weekend with the Blue team defeating the Orange squad 14-13. While you can only glean so much from a glorified practice four months from the start of the season, here are five quick observations from the scrimmage.

Welcome T.J. Thorpe - The UNC transfer certainly turned a lot of heads during the game as he accounted for 79 yards in the opening drive. Hopefully the speedy WR will be utilized in multiple ways including reverses and screens since he appears to be our top offensive play-maker.

Hello Andrew Brown - The highly touted 5-star recruit who was injured most of last season had a breakout game.  The defensive tackle wearing a slimming number 9 was a constant disruptive force in the backfield accounting for six tackles.

QB battle still undecided - Quarterbacks Greyson Lambert and Matt Johns split a majority of the snaps, attempting 37 combined passes. Neither passer blew the competition away, but Johns appeared to have a slight edge due to his mobility in the pocket when scrambling away from pressure.

Strong kicking game - Some of the biggest applauses of the evening were when punter Nicholas Conte boomed a 60 yard punt that went out on the 4, and Ian Frye nailed a 46 yard FG that could have been good from 60.

Sparse crowd - While a small crowd was to be expected after another losing season and a three-year stretch of 11-25, the low attendance on a gorgeous spring day was even more noticeable. While an estimated 6,000 fans attended the free scrimmage, more than 7,000 paid to watch the Hoos baseball and lacrosse games earlier in the day.

UVA Spring Game Crowd

While it is hard to take away much from an hour and half long practice, it appears UVA will have some entertaining play-makers to watch this season.