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BJ Stith to Transfer from Virginia Basketball Program

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

BJ Stith will leave the Virginia Basketball program, per a release from After a first-year during which Stith found himself well outside the rotation and receiving little playing time, he'll look to move to a school where he could be a more significant contributor right away.

Stith, the son of Wahoo legend Bryant Stith, seldom saw meaningful playing time this year. Though a highly touted recruit, he averaged under 2 minutes per game, and, after the season-opener at JMU, played more than 5 minutes only with the walk-ons in blowouts against Tennessee St., Harvard, and Wake Forest.

The transfer is sad news for fans who have been excited to see Bryant Stith's son in orange and blue for years - he committed to UVA way back in September, 2011.  But after not cracking the rotation this season, he likely saw the writing on the wall. Pending Justin Anderson's decision, Virginia will return all of its wings for next season and add one, transfer Darius Thompson. Stith thanked Wahoo fans in the release, and said that playing at UVA was "fulfilling a life-long dream," but noted "I know in my heart that my steps have been ordered."

Tony Bennett thanked Stith for his efforts: "B.J. worked hard, was a good teammate and played a role in our success this season. We wish him well in the future."

We don't know Stith's destination yet, but ODU, where his father is an assistant coach to Jeff Jones and his brother is on the roster, seems like a possible landing spot to look for.  All the best wishes to B.J. down the road!

Update: Well, that was quick: