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Cavaliers Fall to Louisville, 8-1

Cardinals take advantage of key Cavalier mistakes to blow out the Hoos in game one of the series.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Through six innings the Funkhouser-Kirby matchup was living up to the billing. Both had held the opposing team to just a run and were things were looking better for UVa.

The Hoos had just scored in the 6th to tie the game up 1-1. They had even loaded the bases with two outs, and Funkhouser looked to be tiring.

Unfortunately, it wasn't Funkhouser that ultimately ran out of gas, but UVa's Kirby. After giving up a leadoff double and striking out the following hitter, the Cardinals were able to string together two singles and a walk to take the 2-1 lead with the bases loaded. Kirby's day would ultimately come to an end when Louisville blew the game open with a grand slam and 6-1 lead.

Louisville was able to tack on two more runs in the 8th by taking advantage of the Cavalier miscue on a one out single.

Many will point to the four errors UVa had as the reason the Cardinals took game one, but the lack of execution at the plate and on the mound was ultimately lead to the loss. The offense left eight men on base, and only had two base runners over the final three innings.

Luckily, Louisville doesn't have another dominant ace like Funkhouser, who is widely regarded as a first round talent for this June's MLB draft. If Connor Jones can take care of business on the mound tomorrow, the Hoos will still have a legitimate chance to take the series on Sunday.