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"One Shining Moment" video leaves out Virginia Cavaliers

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

For the fans of every team that made it into the NCAA Tournament, watching the One Shining Moment montage following the final buzzer can mean one last chance to watch their team on the screen before college basketball is officially over for seven long months.

For Virginia Cavaliers fans, though, something was conspicuously absent in this year's video montage. CBS managed to leave out the tournament's top No. 2 seed, who admittedly had an early exit, losing to Michigan State in the Round of 32. Tom Izzo and the Spartans, of course, were all over the video.

You can watch the entire video here:

Virginia fans aren't the only ones who felt left out on Monday night. As others pointed out, both Maryland and Georgetown, who each also fell in the Round of 32, were also absent from the highlights reel. VCU just barely eked their way into the video with a quick shot of their drummer to open the clip, though the basketball team itself failed to make the cut.

Hampton was the only school from DC, Maryland or Virginia who actually made the highlights reel. Conspiracy theories?