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STL Bracket Challenge Results

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We tried our best to ignore the national championship game, but apparently because we put prizes and stuff on the line, your audience will remind you of your empty promises.

So, congratulations to smn2dk, RolePlayer, and theace for taking home first, second and third, respectively. Here's your Top 10 finish:

Rank Player Points Championship Game
1 smn2dk 4,560 Duke over Wisconsin
2 RolePlayer 4,050 Duke over Kentucky
3 theace 4,020 Duke over Kentucky
4 jmacattack87 3,990 Duke over Kentucky
5 bts7ua 3,780 Duke over Kentucky
5 Niemann8313 3,780 Duke over Kentucky
7 emceegraw 3,660 Wisconsin over Duke
8 MEllis815 3,480 Wisconsin over Duke
9 brandanzweig 3,450 Wisconsin over Duke
10 timmulholland 3,360 Virginia over Wisconsin

So you'll notice that, among those who faithfully picked Virginia to win the national championship, our own Tim Mulholland finished first in that race. You'll also notice that faithfully picking Virginia to win the national championship gets you no prizes. Sad.

As the grand prize winner, smn2dk wins a $50 gift certificate to our sponsor, BreakingT, as well as each of our "Not Boring" and "Defense Lives Here" shirts, both of which are still available for sale.

Second place winner RolePlayer has won his or her choice of shirts, as well as a $25 gift certificate to BreakingT. Third place winner theace takes home his or her choice of shirts and a $10 to BreakingT.

Winners should email me to claim their prize! Please include your name, email address, and shirt choice (for second and third place finishers).

Where did you finish? You can check out the full leaderboard here.

Thanks to everyone for playing.