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SOURCES: Virginia to add QB via transfer

Program moves quickly to address wave of transfers out

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With news the past week that Corwin "Turtle" Cutler and Greyson "Runs Like A Turtle" Lambert both pursuing their football careers elsewhere, Wahoo Nation found itself in a bit of a tizzy.

Reports coming out of Charlottesville indicate that the Hoos have found their QB of the future.

While NCAA restrictions prevent the coaches from using any names until a player is officially on the roster, there have been available hints that we at STL have pieced together.

The new field general grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has trained with a number of professional players, most notably Hall of Fame WR Cris Carter, who complimented that the new recruit can be counted on especially for "the consistency for which the ball is going to come out." Most major programs gave scouting looks but Virginia was the first to offer a scholarship and a roster spot. In addition to QB duties, reports are that this recruit can handle some special teams duties, especially kicks and punts.

Scouting reports indicate both positives and negatives. The new addition is a little undersized—certainly not as tall or heavy as the prototypical "pro-style" passer. But stature doesn't seem to take anything off the throwing ability: we've seen video of passes traveling up to 80 yards in the air, but also dropping into receiving pockets with precision. To our eyes, there are no questions about the motor of this top prospect, but we are concerned about mobility and whether that motor has the energy to stay at a high level for a full 60 minutes.

Bottom line: UVa is adding a great arm with some intangibles you won't find anywhere else. If the coaches and senior leaders keep this newbie pointed in the right direction, there's no telling how far the Virginia offense can go.