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St. Louis Rams' Chris Long and William Hayes tackle homelessness

The two NFL stars go undercover to raise awareness for the homelessness problem in America.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In this SC Featured, Life on the Streets, former Virginia Cavalier Chris Long and his St. Louis Rams teammate William Hayes were each given four dollars, second-hand clothes, and some makeup to disguise their true identities, and spent one night in homelessness.

The two of them experienced what it's like to be an outsider in what Long calls a surprisingly tight-knit homeless community. They sleep through 38 degree weather in the back of a truck, after having gotten kicked out of another homeless person's area that had a barrel with flames to keep them warm. Hayes called it the worst night of his life.

One night is obviously a short-term period, but it was enough to open Long's eyes.

"Now when I see a homeless person, I see lives on detour," Long said. "Mothers and fathers struggling to be reunited with their childre. Faces that have been deprived of sleep and shelter...Human beings looking to reclaim their identities."

"Thanks to William's idea, I just can't look away anymore."

A good Monday morning video from this beacon representing Virginia Football.

SC Featured: Life on the streets - ESPN Video