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GAME THREAD: College World Series Game 1

The Cavaliers take on the Razorbacks of Arkansas in the first game of the College World Series in Omaha.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Get Them While They're Hot!

If you have been following the Streaking the Lawn coverage of this afternoon's baseball game, then you know what the Hoos need to do. Get a great outing by Connor Jones, and hopefully have him hand the ball to Josh Sborz. Find a way to score more frequently, so that the Jones to Sborz transition is possible. Be sound in the field!

You also know that Virginia has the longest odds to win the CWS, and they are essentially playing with house money at this point. Only the most optimistic of fans picked this team to reach Omaha. The thing about playing with house money, though, is that it still is not fun losing it. If you have to play the game, you might as well win.

Regardless of the outcome of game one, the Hoos will face their toughest challenge of the tournament in game two, as a pair of national seeds, Florida and Miami, are squaring off in the late game today. So let's root as hard as we can from our couches that game two will be against the winner of that game, not the loser. Go Hoos!