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Virginia likely Men's Capital One Cup champion, to finish 5th or 6th in Directors' Cup

Just how good has the Virginia athletic's program been this year?

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014-2015 athletic season in its final days, the Virginia Cavaliers look to wrap up a banner season with another national championship victory, after taking home titles in men's soccer and men's tennis.  To measure a program's overall athletic success, we can look at two "all-sports" competitions, the Capital One Cup and the Directors' Cup.

With only points for baseball left to be counted, UVA will likely win the Capital One Cup and finish highly-ranked in the Director's Cup:

Capital One Cup:

The Capital One Cup is broken into Men's and Women's divisions. Currently, Virginia is in third place in the Men's Capital One Cup standings with 89 points; they trail Ohio State by 4.5 points and Oregon by 32 points.

Points are awarded for baseball based on final ranking in the USA Today / ESPN poll. The #1 ranked team gets  60 points, #2 gets 36 points, and #3 gets 30 points; nobody outside the top 10 receives points.  Thus, with Oregon and Ohio State idle in the final round, UVA will win the men's side of the Capital One Cup with a first place or second place finish in the final poll.

How likely is this? Since the USA Today/ESPN Coaches' poll started in 1992, the CWS champion was ranked first and the runner-up ranked second every season.  Unless something VERY flukey happens, Virginia will finish with at least 125 points and win the men's Capital One Cup!

The next ACC team on the list is 5th place Duke, with 71 points, followed by Notre Dame, who tied for 5th.  Virginia Tech is tied with Alaska-Anchorage and Memphis for 101st place.

On the women's side, UVA will finish 11th in the nation.

Directors' Cup:

The Directors' Cup differs from the Capital One Cup for two major reasons. First, men's and women's sports are combined into one competition. Second, each sport is weighted equally (unlike the Capital One Cup, where soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, and outdoor track are given 3x weighting).

The current Directors' Cup standings, with only baseball left to count, are here.

UVA currently sits in 8th place with 1,054.5 points. Points for baseball are awarded based on tournament finish; first place gets 100 points, second 90, third/fourth get 83, etc. With a national championship in baseball, Virginia will jump UNC, Ohio State, and Penn State (but not Florida) and finish 5th. If Vanderbilt prevails, UVA won't catch UNC, so will end up in 6th.

How does that measure up with UVA's historical performances? Since a banner 2009-2010 season, the program experienced a couple down seasons, as it finished as low as 20th in 2012-2013. However, Virginia has roared back with the potential for back-to-back top-5 finishes for the first time in program history

Season Directors' Cup Finish
2005-2006 26th
2006-2007 13th
2007-2008 17th
2008-2009 8th
2009-2010 3rd
2010-2011 7th
2011-2012 15th
2012-2013 20th
2013-2014 4th
2014-2015 5th or 6th