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Virginia wins Capital One Cup, place 6th in Directors' Cup

Three national championships in an academic year will do that:

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Virginia has won the 2015 Men's Capital One Cup, staking a claim as the top program in the nation this season. The multi-sports award, conceived of by ESPN and sponsored by Capital One, is "awarded to each of the best men's and women's Division 1 college athletics programs in the country."

By virtue of its NCAA baseball title, the program's third national championship of the season, Virginia put an exclamation point on its victory; UVA finished with 149 points, well ahead of the field.  (In fact, the program would have claimed the Cup even with a runner-up finish in baseball.

Here are the final 2015 Men's Capital One Cup standings:

2015 Men's Capital Cup Standings

Team Points
1 - Virginia 149
2 - Oregon 121
3 - Ohio State 93.5
4 - Florida 84
5 - Denver 72
6 - Duke 71
7 - TCU 67
8 - LSU 66
T9 - Notre Dame 65
T9 - UCLA 65

UVA finished 4th in the Capital One Cup last season, but 39th in 2012-2013. With its win, Virginia will get a piece of the $400,000 in scholarship funds that the Cup awards.

Scoring for the Capital One Cup is based on end-of-season polling, with soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, and outdoor track weighted three times more than other sports. The full scoring details are here (note: downloadable file).

The women finished 11th with 53 points.

Virginia has finished 6th in the Directors' Cup, a second consecutive top-ten finish for the program.  Scoring for the Directors' Cup is similar to the Capital One version, but all sports, men's and women's, are combined and weighted equally. Here's a link to the standings before baseball is included. (Note: only spring sports are broken out. Go to the Directors' Cup website for more).

Stanford won its 21st consecutive Directors' Cup, followed by UCLA, USC, Florida, UNC, and Virginia.

Virginia Historical Directors' Cup Finishes

Season Directors' Cup Finish
2005-2006 26th
2006-2007 13th
2007-2008 17th
2008-2009 8th
2009-2010 3rd
2010-2011 7th
2011-2012 15th
2012-2013 20th
2013-2014 4th
2014-2015 6th

Correction: An earlier version of this post projected Virginia would place 5th in the Directors' Cup. However, because each school is limited to scoring in a maximum of 10 men's sports, the team's baseball win (UVA's 11th sport) means that Virginia loses its points for lacrosse (its lowest total) and ends up in 6th overall.