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Justin Anderson takes over Mavs' Twitter

The summer of Justin continues

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who partakes in UVa Twitter has probably gotten a glimpse of Justin Anderson's lively online persona. There's a decent chance you've even gotten a retweet, a favorite, or even—holiest of holies—a reply from the man himself.

Friday, Justin's new fans got a taste of what we enjoyed as the Mavericks handed the Twitter keyboard over to Simba.

We got to know some of the words and events that inspired the slams, the blocks, the steals, and the deep threes in Charlottesville.

We learned who Justin's favorite NBA player was as a wee Simba cub. (Surprisingly, not former Hornets guard Tony Bennett.)

We got a glimpse inside the mind trained by Bennett & Co. to always seek ways to improve.

Although #JusTakeover was mostly a success, Anderson did flub an easy one.

Most importantly, though, we learned that Justin is a true Wahoo at heart, one who shares the same favorite memory most of us will have of his years in Charlottesville.

Justin scored 23 points as the Mavs' summer league squad advanced to play the Atlanta Hawks' squad in the summer quarterfinals. Catch that game at 6 PM Virginia time, Saturday evening on NBA TV.