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Chris Taylor Called Back Up by the Mariners

The former Hoo is going to get another shot with the big club after a month with Triple A Tacoma.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Could the last month of UVa baseball have gone any better? It appears, the program has got some more good news as former Hoo, Chris Taylor will rejoin the Mariners in Seattle after a month with the AAA Tacoma Rainiers.

Taylor spent most of May with the big club, but was not very successful during his time only batting .159 with two extra base hits and one RBI in 63 ABs. Those splits were disappointing to most who watched Chris have a very successful 2014 with the Mariners over a 40 game stretch. Last season he batted .286 with a .692 OPS.

It appears the 2014 Taylor might return to the Mariners as he's batted .289 with 15 extra base hits, including two home runs during his time with Tacoma. If he can give something close to that at the plate, the Mariners will be more than pleased and could give Taylor an extended time with the big league club.

While his time with the Mariners has been short, we'd be remiss if we didn't include THE highlight of Chris Taylor that sticks out in every UVa fan's mind.....