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Here's what Virginia's uniforms look like in Virginia Tech colors (the rest of the ACC's are included too!)

imgur (eharvey328)

Fans spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over uniforms. Somehow, their team's uniforms are always the best. Their rivals' uniforms are always terrible. Oregon's are always overboard. And Maryland's are always the absolute worst in the history of sports and universities and life itself.

Objectively speaking, that is.

But what if we swapped colors? If the designs were the same, but the colors were altered to match your team's colors, would you have as repulsive a reaction?

Imgur user eharvey328 did just that. Let's jump right to what you care about. Here are Virginia Tech's uniforms, but in a beautiful navy and orange:

These actually don't look as terrible as when they're in maroon and orange. In fact, they're not that far off fromVirginia's throwback jerseys:

Virginia Cavaliers Football Throwback Jerseys vs. Louisiana Tech (Virginia Sports Media Relations)

(Virginia Sports Media Relations)

He also made Virginia's uniforms in Virginia Tech's colors. Virginia has some of the least offensive uniforms out there -- it's mostly solid colors with a stripe or two here or there.

...and yet, when you throw maroon all up in it, it's a whole new beast. An uglier beast, to clarify.

Interested in seeing what the rest of the conference's uniforms look like in their rivals' colors? Here's the full gallery.