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To Homer and Back - 8/11/15 - Luke Bowanko, UVa Football, and Training Camp

Streaking the Lawn's official podcast: To Homer and Back. This week, STL bloggers bring in Luke Bowanko to discuss the 2015 UVa Football season, training camp, and Luke's time at UVa. Amidst the run of recent losing seasons, Bowanko brings plenty of candor and humor with his reflections and predictions.

The STL podcast crew is back with another episode of To Homer and Back! This week, Pierce, Caroline, and Matt bring in a very special guest: Luke Bowanko. The former UVa standout and current Jacksonville Jaguar joins the crew to discuss his experiences in Charlottesville, what it's like to be drafted, playing in the NFL alongside other former Hoos, and some thoughts on the current UVa squad. Facing the occasional static interruption, Bowanko sheds some humorous light on his time at UVa, favorite extracurricular activities, and his true feelings about Virginia Tech. Parental discretion for the occasional naughty word is advised:

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Have your own predictions for the season? Excited about something else coming out of training camp? Want to report on your own Luke Bowanko at Boylan Heights stories? Get the conversation going in the comments.